VERT3X Consulting
VERT3X Consulting
Data Center in the Digital Economy

A few words about who we are

What we had in mind while starting VERT3X Consulting Services was the sole intention to bring years of our experience in the Networking and Data Center industry to help businesses to overcome the challenges from their Digital Transformation Journey. 

People make it happen

Even inside a technological industry like IT, people continue to make a difference. Balance hard and soft skills is key to any project to be successful, that means people with the necessary skills and attitude, right tools and supported by a strong governance model.

Our Approach in Skills

As a company guideline, we invest 25% of our revenue in courses, congresses, industry events and all other possible means to improve our knowledge. 

Our Trainings

We provide customized training for our customers in both models: in house or remote, and always led by highly skilled professionals. We also share our knowledge at key industry events.

Key benefits for Our Customer

Every new project brings us the opportunity to learn about our customers, their business challenges and also to share with them what we have learned from our past engagements and previous experiences. For us, a success project is measured by how much experience is exchanged and how that experience is used to transform businesses and individuals.


  • Our partners play a major role in our projects by adding relevant experience and value.
  • We have partnership with other IT consulting groups and individuals, both locally and internationally.
  • Specialized companies also partner with us to provide more in depth technical services like detailed design, CFD analysis, data center due diligence, network design and analysis, app/program development and services that are provide directly by hardware or software manufacturers.