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Data Center in the Digital Economy
  • Data Center in the Digital Economy

    We cover all the data center life cycle from strategy to operations. Our projects provide insights, road maps and financial analysis considering the ever-growing demands of the Digital Economy

"At VERT3X, we use a holistic approach to address all your data center business challenges from an edge to a hyperscale infrastructure. By combining technical and financial analyses, the data center is placed as a key element of your business.

Manage Your Investment and Risk

Solutions tailored to your business

We use the four steps of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Learner's Model (Clarify, Ideate, Develop and Implement) as a baseline to build an unique approach to provide a tailored solution to match your business needs.

At VERT3X, we are not focused in the number of engagements, but in the quality of each individual engagement. We partner with you and together we will find the best route for your Data Center in your Digital Transformation Journey.

Our Ecosystem

    The IT industry demands a myriad of skills that no one can provide without building an ecosystem of partners based on culture, trust and responsibility. We have carefully selected partners that complement our skills and also share our values. 

    All our projects are considered highly confidential by default with the information exchanged in a need-to-know-basis and our partners follow these strict rules.

    We also use a common process framework to assure that the work being produced will comply with the quality requirements and with the best practices in the market.

    The four pillars of our project management are:

    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Accountability
    • Change Management

    Preparing your Data Center for tomorrow

    Strategy for End Users

    Matching your business needs with your IT strategy is key for winning in the new economy. Placing your IT infrastructure in the right place can lower risks to your business and negative impact to your budget.

    Strategy for Service Providers

    It is not only about cost. In the new economy, the end user requires an IT infrastructure to be reliable, flexible, efficient, sustainable and secure.

    It is about size, in the new economy, the end user demands solutions ranging from hyperscale to edge data centers to match the new business dynamics.

    Occupancy, Transition and Moving

    Every change in the Data Center environment adds risks to the business. A well constructed plan allows you to mitigate risks and control costs for both physical and logical migration.

    Operational Efficiency

    There is a growing pressure for companies to comply with ESG criteria. Nowadays, Data Centers are in the spotlight due to the growing use of natural resources and waste generation. Energy related costs are rising and data centers are more power-hungry than ever.